A love test

A love quiz

A love test

If you honestly answer the following questions, you’ll find out how close you are to your boyfriend. Take a piece of paper and something to write, there are only six questions.


1. You are going to your boy’s family home. You can get there one of two ways. The first is a simple, even tract that will allow you to quickly reach the goal, however, a walk around it may be boring. The second route is much longer but located among magnificent landscapes and full of curiosities. Which road would you choose to get to your partner’s home?

a) shorter but quite boring
b) longer but interesting

2. On the way, you pass two rose bushes. There are a lot of red roses growing on the first one and white on the second one. You decide to break 20 roses for your boyfriend. Among them can be any combination of roses of both colors (it can also be one of the colors). How many red, how many white roses will be in your bouquet?

3. In the end, you reach the goal. Knocking at the door, one of the family members of your boyfriend opens you. What are you doing?

a) you enter the flat to find your partner there
b) you ask the person who opened you to ask your sympathy for the door.

4. You enter his room and it turns out that there is no one there. Where will you place roses brought to your beloved?

a) in a vase on a window
b) put them on the bed.

5. It’s time to go to sleep. You and your boy sleep in separate rooms. In the morning, after waking up, you enter his room and you see that:

a) he is still asleep
b) he has already got up.

6. It’s time to get back to yourself. Which road will you choose as your return?

a) shorter but boring
b) longer but interesting.


Interpretation of your psycho test answers:

1. If you chose the first answer, it means that you fall in love quickly and often; if you have opted for option b, it means that falling in love does not come easy and you need a lot of time.

2. The number of red roses in the bouquet reflects your expectations towards your partner. For example, if you chose eighteen red roses and two whites, the ratio of your contribution to the relationship and what you expect in return is 90% to 10%.

3. This question presents your approach to the problems that arise in your relationship:

a) you avoid problems and you expect them to solve themselves
b) you are direct and you try to solve problems yourself.

4. The place where you left the flowers sets the level of your attachment to the partner: If you decided to put roses on the bed (answer b), being with him is the greatest pleasure for you and you cannot tolerate separation. Answer a) means that you can do without his company.

5. This question reflects your attitude towards your partner’s personality. If you chose the option a), you love your boyfriend as he is and accept him. If you decided that he would not sleep in the morning (answer b), in fact you would like to change him.

6. The return path to the house tells you how quickly you fall out of love.

A short way to show that falling out of love comes easy.
If you have chosen a longer route, you tend to be stable in your feelings.

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