Beautiful and healthy hair

How to make your hair look beautiful?


There are 100 to 150 thousand hairs on the human head

At 1 cm² there are 150-500 dark hairs and 180-750 blond hairs. Blond is more because it is thinner than dark hair.

The hair lives about 4 years. To not die prematurely, you have to take care of them. The man has about 120,000 hairs on his head, and every day – if his body is in good condition – he loses them from 60 to 100. However, little is enough for this state of balance to become unstable.

Hair is a woman’s decoration. You should take care of it. Wash them as often as they need – this does not impair their condition. The worst enemies of hair are a polluted environment, unfriendly weather and stress.

The most effective way to help your hair is proper nutrition. To live and shine, you have to supply them with sulfur amino acids (e.g. fish, lean beef, beans) or even sulfur (onion, radish, horseradish, black turnip, leek) from which your body produces amino acids.

Hair wants many microelements and vitamins and they will be supplied with vegetables, oat flakes, eggs and beef meat.

What kind of hair do you have?

Washing and hair care

Before you reach for the conditioner, you need to learn how to properly care for your hair. Brush them gently, and when they are very tangled, it is best to dry them. Immediately after washing, the hair is more sensitive to damage. You should not wash your head in too hot water or dry your hair at too high a temperature. The best thing to do is to avoid the dryer completely.

Your hair needs the right shampoo, you can easily estimate its condition. You should also use conditioner regularly, whether your hair is weak or healthy. Sick, damaged and broken hair requires extra care. You can use special strengthening preparations (black radish, St. John’s wort, calamus) and apply a vitamin treatment, choosing for example a preparation of yeast or horsetail.

The diet is very important for hair.

Hair – interesting facts

Do you know that…

The color of the hair depends on:

  • hereditary factors
  • colouring
  • climate
  • races

The natural color scale includes the following colors:

  • blond
  • red
  • brown
  • black
  • There are between 100-150 thousand hairs on the man’s head.
  • Per 1 cm² there are 150-500 dark hair and 180-750 light hair.

Hair growth rate:

  • about 0.35 mm per day
  • about 1 cm per month
  • about 12 cm per year

Hair types:

  • straight hair
  • wavy hair
  • curly hair

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