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Can a condom break?

Can condoms break?

Letter to Dr. MikiFiki

Dear Miki,

I started to have sex with my boyfriend recently. Moments of passion are great, but because we both have little experience, we would like to ask if sex with a condom is safe? Can a condom break during intercourse? What must not be done with a condom?
I look forward to the answer.
Eva, 17 years old



Dear Eva,

Below are the basic tips for using condoms.

Sex is a great experience, but it is the responsibility of both of you. By following the advice below, you will never break a condom, and sex will give you much pleasure without unnecessary trouble.

When removing the condom from the packaging, be careful not to damage it with something sharp, such as fingernails or jewelry.

2. Avoid using oily wetting agents, such as baby oil, which makes condom latex porous. If you use a medical ointment in the genital area, ask your home doctor or pharmacist if it contains oily products that are harmful to condoms.

3. Never use the same condom again!

4. By entering into sexual intercourse, put on a condom already during the love game. A few drops of mucosal fluid may contain active sperm cells in a few drops of mucosal fluid, and this can lead to an unwanted pregnancy!

5. During the relationship, make sure that the condom does not slip off the penis.

6. Make sure that your partner withdraws a penis from the vagina immediately after ejaculation, when it is still in full erection, holding the edge of the condom carefully with his fingers and thus not allowing the sperm to spread from it into the pubic region.

Best wishes
Dr MikiFiki


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