Can you kiss?

Psychotest – Can you kiss?

Can you kiss? Check. Read the following questions carefully and mark one answer to each question. Then sum up the points and read the answer.


1. Do you remember the taste of your first kiss?

(a) yes, it was miraculously (3 points)

(b) Yes, but it was embarrassing (2 points)

(c) I do not want to remember (1 point)

2. Did you kiss someone you met an hour ago?

(a) Yes, quite it is a little bit of fun (3 points)

(b) yes, when I recall this, I am ashamed (2 points)

(c) No, never (1 point)

Each kiss tastes different…

3. Do you close your eyes when kissing?

(a) yes, always (3 points)

(b) Yes, but I look at what the boy does (2 points)

(c) No, never (1 point)

4. Is your dream boyfriend the one who:

(a) kisses perfectly (3 points)

(b) kisses on average, but is a good friend (2 points)

(c) is a wonderful buddy (1 point)

5. Does a good kiss depend on:

(a) the shape of the lips (3 points)

(b) inborn skills (2 points)

(c) experience (1 point)

6. What do you do if the boy wants to kiss you on your first date?

(a) I enjoy kissing (3 points)

(b) I allow, but only in the forehead (2 points)

(c) I do not allow such a situation to occur (1 point)

7. You kissed the last time:

(a) Five minutes ago (3 points)

(b) Yesterday (2 points)

(c) I do not remember (1 point 1)

Romantic Kiss


If you scored from 7 to 11 points

Kisses have never been the most important for you. Always, if you were in love with me, the kisses gave your boy and you a great pleasure. Your kisses can be different, delicate or passionate and depend on your mood and circumstances.

If you score from 12 to 16 points

If you want, you can kiss perfectly. Kisses are very important for you. However, you think kissing is an extremely intimate form of contact and you only kiss when you feel you are doing it with the right person and in the right place.

If you scored from 17 to 21 points

You are a master of kisses. You do it professionally, very willingly and very often. Kissing with you is a great pleasure and everyone you kissed will keep this moment in memory for a long time. It is also important to you that your boy kisses equally well.

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