First time in a beauty salon

Your first visit to a beautician

Acne appears to you. You do not know what to do. You try to deal with it yourself – unsuccessfully. Finally, you decide to visit the beautician. However, you are full of fears, because you do not know what is waiting for you …

Choose a proven beautician

Before you decide to go to the beauty salon, ask your friends, they will definitely recommend you a proven place. The office you choose must be kept clean, and the beautician should be well-prepared in a substantial and practical way. In the office, you should feel very comfortable, safe and have perfect hygienic conditions.

Relax in the beauty salon.

Ask questions

You should treat your visit in a beauty salon as an excellent opportunity to learn more about your skin and cosmetic novelties. Before going, prepare a list of questions about your skin: its care, type, selection of cosmetics, ask for samples of creams. After leaving the office you will be satisfied and of course more beautiful.

Relax during the treatment

You can come with a make-up to the beauty salon. Before the treatment beautician, the beautician will remove your makeup. Then, depending on the type of skin and the problem you come with, the specialist will prepare your face for cleansing. After cleansing your skin, the beautician will apply soothing and moisturizing masks to reduce pores and speed up healing of the wounds that have arisen during cleansing. If you ask, she’ll give you makeup at the end.

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