Fitness is a state of mind

How to maintain motivation?

Your appearance depends on your state of mind

You plan to start your jogging day, use a healthy diet and… the next day. You wake up the next day, your head hurts, you want to sleep, so you spend an hour more in bed. All your plans are ruined…

The appearance of the body depends on the state of mind

All plans are born in the mind, and there is an unwillingness to implement them. Follow the instructions below. They will help you strengthen your motivation, begin to exercise and realize your dreams.

Fitness is a state of mind
  1. Believe that you will succeed this time and realize your plans and dreams.
  2. If moments of doubt and laziness come, imagine how great your body will look like, have a photo in front of you that you look amazingly good at.
  3. You must define your goal and consistently achieve it.
  4. You must always have a goal in front of your eyes.
  5. Do not look for excuses like “I’m tired”, “I do not have time”.
  6. Just think about what you are doing, then your exercises will be more effective.
  7. Choose the right pace for your body, if exercises are exhausting for you, you will quickly become discouraged.
  8. You should always have an outfit for exercise at hand to be ready for training at any time.
  9. Start practicing with another person, then it is brighter. Invite your friend, for example.
  10. When serious doubt comes, imagine that you will look at least like Claudia Schiffer.
  11. Do the exercises that you like.
  12. Keep a diary in which you record your successes.
  13. Fitness should become a way of life for you.

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