Healthy and active holidays

Dream vacation

Get new skills from vacations

Before you go on vacation, consider where to spend them best. By the sea you will soak up iodine, in the mountains you will gain good condition and a fit body, over the lakes you will have sailing skills, and from warm countries you will bring a tan.

Holidays by the lake

If you go by the lake, you will certainly be able to swim because the water in the lakes is much warmer than in the sea. When you swim, you will improve your figure, so when you return home, you will surely be a few centimeters less in your waist. If you frequently jump into the water, you will increase your body’s resistance to infections. By the lakes, you can go kayaking, water biking, sailing and walking in the woods, improving overall fitness and well-being.


Holidays by the sea

If you decide to take a vacation at the seaside, you will surely get a lot of iodine and health benefits for the whole year. If you like cold baths, you will be able to swim, walking the sandy beach you will make a wonderful foot massage. If you like the wind and sailing on a windsurfing board, you should go to Hawaii, for example. You will find good conditions and a basis for practicing this sport in Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii. There are a lot of equipment, rental shops and schools where handsome 🙂 instructors will show you how to take your first steps on the board.

Holidays in the mountains

Mountains are a perfect place for people who like active recreation. When you spend your holidays there, you will certainly improve your fitness. Climbing even at low peaks is a much better workout than hours spent at the gym. When you come back from the mountains, you will be oxygenated, relaxed, your skin will look healthier, you will increase the body’s immunity.

Remember – activity brings people closer to each other, so you may bring new friendships from your holiday as well as better health…

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