Practice your good self-esteem

How to improve your self-esteem

Spring cleanups in your head

Outside the window the sun, birds sing, daffodils bloom on the discount in front of the house. Lily of the valley and jasmine have already tied buds and will burst with a beautiful scent any day. Certainly you will get dizzy from these scents, but actually you are already confused. On your knees lies a colorful magazine, in which you see beautiful models with a perfect figure, flawless complexion, in a beautiful dress, the price of which is given from the side.

You start counting numbers and you have the impression that this is a mistake. You flip another card, and there the girl is even more beautiful than the previous one; the same is true of dress and price. You no longer have doubts that it is not a mistake. These dresses are simply so expensive, and you can only dream about them. In the end, you come to the conclusion that you do not even deserve such dreams.

More and more discouraged, you flip through the pages and find an article from which you find out that the ideal girl should be beautiful, tall, and slim, with long legs, flawless complexion and blond hair reaching behind the shapely buttocks. Her parents are millionaires, and she has a wardrobe full of branded clothes, she drives a sports convertible car and cannot get away from admirers.

You get up quickly, run to the mirror and… You state that you are too fat or too thin, too high or too low, and in addition, you have pimples on your face. You are looking at your wallet and you can buy a book for its resources. ¬†You decide to spend your life in asceticism…

Improve your self-esteem

Low self-esteem

Your behavior indicates that you have low self-esteem. It characterizes people who do not believe in themselves and do merciless self-criticism, although in fact, they have no reason to think so negatively about themselves. They are afraid to do anything because they are convinced that they won’t succeed anyway, although they didn’t even try. People with such an approach to life are killing their personality, creativity and all internal and external beauty.

Improve your self-esteem.

Look at yourself differently than before; stand in front of the mirror and consider what you should do if you are really too fat, think about what is the reason why you eat too much, change your diet, start exercising. If you think you are skinny, then aerobics and stretching exercises will make your figure resilient and have a nice appearance. If you think that the proportions of your body are not correct, correct them with your dress. Think about what to do with a pimple to heal it. If you are dissatisfied with your face, make yourself a make-up, cover up the flaws, take out what’s the most beautiful in your face.

Change your thinking. Praise yourself every day for what you have done.

Hight self-esteem

Demands from yourself as much as you can do, do not aim too high.Think calmly about difficult matters (exams, exams). If you answer the teacher (you pass the exam, pass the material that you have mastered well) be sure of what you say, express yourself loudly and clearly. When talking to people, look straight in their eyes, always be smiling and kind. Learn to say no. Allow yourself to make mistakes and not punish yourself for them, but learn to talk about them. If you follow some of these tips, then after a while you will be surprised to see such a pretty and smart girl in your mirror.

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