Prepare for love

Get ready for love

Love is born in your head

You meet a boy, start staying longer with him, and after a week, you know that you are in love with him by your ears. You can see in him all the advantages: it is tender, caring, funny, and to all this all the girls you know love in him and of course you…

What is love?

Crush is nothing more than delighting a particular person. Such fascination is an exciting experience, providing many impressions. When you get this state, you think about it all day long, grab his words and look, and then you experience it many times in the imagination. Such infatuation is a nice adventure and it prepares for a true relationship.

From the boy’s behavior, you will find out what he feels to you.

What are the dangers of love?

If at some point you start to realize that this boy is unattainable for you, it is good to realize and resign from him. If you keep your imagination constantly cultivating the feeling for such a boy, you will experience great disappointment if it turns out that he has a girlfriend… However, not all the infatuations are unrealistic. If such a person reciprocates your feeling, it may turn into a true love that will provide you with extraordinary impressions and enrich your interior.

How do you know that it is true love?

Such things are simply felt. If you see such a boy, you suddenly get alive, there is joy in you and you feel like flying, then you are surely in love with him. There is only one more problem, is he also in love with you? If you notice that he uses every moment to be with you, offers you meetings, then you can be sure that he is in love with you as much as you are in him, or maybe more…

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