Summer Love

Holiday love – what does the summer adventure bring?

You lie dreamy on the beach, the sun is shining and you think that in this holiday you will surely “hunt someone down”. At some point, you casually raise your eyes and notice the boy who is just next to you. It just started…

It just started

It has got you literally unexpected, when you look at him, with your hands trembling, you feel uncomfortable and you don’t dare to talk to him. You cannot think about anyone else anymore, literally all day and night you only think about him. You dream that he kisses you, and you want to spend all eternity in his arms. You are one hundred percent sure that he is the only one, dreamt of…

First kiss

You break through your timidity and do everything you can to “fall” on him. That’s how your relationship begins. You go with him on a date, go to the beach, he grabs you by the hand, you start to hug him gently and… it’s time for the first kiss. You would like this moment to last forever and you think that in a moment you will pass out of joy! Everything starts to happen faster than normal, because you have less time, in a week you will have to part…

Holidays is the time to show a beautiful body, fall in love and…

What next?

Romantic walks, the smell of the sea and its magical power make you wonder about something more. You feel that he is the one you want to love! Wondering whether to decide for “the first time” (especially that he wants it too), you feel the omnipresent happiness and you think, why not…

Exchange of addresses

The day of parting comes, the holiday idyll ends he promises you that he will call you every day and will surely send you messages.  Your heart is torn, your romantic world is falling apart!

Was it worth it?

When you return home, you remember these wonderful moments every day. But he has already stopped calling and has forgotten about you. You are happy that you did not decide on holiday sex… with a stranger!

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