The art of kissing

How to kiss?

Kiss, the easiest way to lose weight…

For one kiss you need from 12 to 50 calories – depending on how intensely you kiss. With a kiss, the brain is better oxygenated, the heart beats harder and blood circulates faster.

Active kissing is one of the most pleasurable ways of spending time. In addition to improving your mood and giving you the feeling that you are loved, it also expresses our inner emotions.

There are many kinds of kisses. There are those that show concern, sympathy or respect (e.g. kissing in the hand) of the person who is kissing. There are also some that express love and desire. And these require “cooperation” and activity of both partners.

Kissing is one of the manifestations of the sexual life of two loving people. The mouth and tongue belong to the most sensitive parts of the body. They have mass receptors that receive impulses and are very sensitive to touch and any changes in its intensity. Kissing, however, is not limited only to the mouth – just as sensitive to the stimulus is, for example, the interior of the hand or neck.

Every kiss tastes differently …

A little bit of magic

Set the mood. It is true that kisses are significant in themselves. After you are kissed or kissed, you can read a lot. However, the place where you kiss is also important. The kisses are different in the romantic scenery of the autumn park, differently in the home-made privacy in the glow of capricious candlelight, and yet different in the last row of dark cinema…

Kiss under the mistletoe

There are also special “accessories” that give magical meaning to kisses. Tradition, for example, says that kissing under the mistletoe during Christmas provides reciprocity and heralds a happy marriage. Mistletoe has been considered a magical plant for centuries. It was believed that her juice cures infertility.

Kiss in a dream

Kissing in a dream has a different meaning according to the dream books. If the kiss is stealthy, he adores hot and passionate love. If you give it to someone, you will have love reciprocated, and if you are kissed, you can expect separation or miserable friendship.

If you dream of kissing in your hand, it is a sign of good prospects for the future, and kissing children augurs joy in life.

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