What do the boys want?

What are the expectations of the guys?

You probably wondered what the boys expect from you. You would like to know how you should behave, what you should say so that he would be charmed by you.

Love at first sight

Many girls dream of great love for a lifetime. But do the boys think the same? Opinions among them are very divided. Some of them believe that there is love at first sight, they have experienced it themselves and are happy with their first girlfriend. However, others think that it is total nonsense and such love is only possible in books or in movies…

First date

If a guy falls into your eye, a dilemma arises, offer him a date or not? Usually, boys love when you admire them and feel very valued. However, there is a group of conservatives who think that only a boy can invite you to the date. So before you make a decision, you need to know what his views are, so as not to drop a clanger.

What do men want?

Public kisses

You are convinced that the guys like to kiss in public, thus manifesting their feelings. Some of them really like to behave in this way. They think kissing is a way of expressing love. Others, on the other hand, are of the opinion that public kissing is indecent and only allow themselves to be hugged.

Can you trust the boy?

The boys like to tell various spicy stories from their lives, often invent them, and certainly color them. However, these are usually demonstrations between colleagues.

However, if they really fall in love, they do not talk about it in the company of colleagues, especially when it comes to intimate relationships with their beloved one.

Sometimes they can say something to someone trusted, but in this case, they behave like girls.

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