What is sexuality for you?

What is your attitude to your intimacy?

Many people believe that the word sexuality means sexual intercourse. However, it has several meanings. These are feelings connected with body changes, general attitude to sex, homosexual feelings, love and romantic fantasies, hugging, kissing, caressing and various forms of closeness.

Are you ashamed of nudity?

For many people, sexuality is a very intimate and often particularly sensitive issue. Shame starts to appear during adolescence when the body begins to change. Young people hide their nudity from the family and from themselves. They are unable to talk with their relatives about the changes taking place in their body and psyche. It is often the case that they close themselves to this sphere for many years and have difficulties in establishing intimate contacts.

Don’t feel guilty when you get close to your boyfriend.

Shame is a normal thing

Many teenagers cannot talk about feelings. They cannot talk about love, dreams or physical contact with boys. It is embarrassed by being in the company of a boy. It is all normal. Every girl once experiences it for the first time. It is new to her, no one taught her love, and that it concerns very intimate spheres, hence there is a huge embarrassment. However, it gradually disappears after becoming familiar with the thoughts, feelings and making closer contact with the boy.

Feeling guilty

Some people think that intimate contacts are bad. The reason for such thinking is usually education or religion. Sometimes the girl kisses her boyfriend and feels guilty that she has done something wrong. Then she starts to blame herself, she moves away from the boy. He does not know why this happens and usually, such a relationship ends. The only solution in such a situation is to find the reason for this behavior and honest conversation.

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