Your skin type

Types of skin

What is your complexion?

Every woman wants to look always dazzling, feminine and beautiful. At the beginning, you need to know your skin type, because it depends on how you care for it.

Normal skin

Normal skin does not appear too dry or oily. The pores are visible, but small and not clogged. The skin is not rough to the touch, does not appear thin or thick.

Dry skin

The skin to the touch appears thin,’ paper’ and dry. The pores are very small and almost invisible.


Greasy (oily) skin

People with this type of complexion feel that their face is oily. The pores are enlarged, and the skin on the face is often relatively thick or on the contrary – thin. Girls with this type of skin are more likely to suffer from acne.

Mixed skin

Most women have a mixed complexion. This type is usually partly normal, but some parts of the face are dry and others are greasy. Dry places are usually located on the cheeks. Oily fragments are located in the so-called “T zone”, i.e. on the forehead, nose and chin.

Sensitive skin

Regardless of the skin types mentioned above, each of them may be particularly sensitive to external factors. Usually, it is manifested by itching, burning, redness.

Each type of skin requires a different care. If you use cosmetics such as scrub, scrub, anti-acne, strong masks, your skin will dry out. You must remember that these requirements also depend on the season and climate.

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